Minutes of the 20th Annual General Meeting of the South East Region

Of The Caravan Club




St Richards Catholic College

Bexhill-on-Sea TN40 1SE


19th November 2016





Mr Paul Funnell                      :           Chairman

Mr. Charles Patrick                 :           Vice-Chairman

Mr. Mark Sinclair-Watson      :           Treasurer

Mrs Karen Shipper                  :           Secretary

Mr. Rodney Lambert              :           Caravan Club Vice-Chairman

Mr John Page                          :           Executive Member



Together with 82 members


1.         The Chairman called the meeting to order at 2.30pm and asked the Secretary to read the notice convening the meeting.  She also informed the meeting that Sandy Hutchings would be acting as Minutes Secretary during the meeting and also that the meeting would be recorded for accuracy in compiling the minutes.



2.         Chairman’s Welcome:


The Chairman welcomed and thanked everyone for their attendance especially The Club Vice-Chairman Mr. Rodney Lambert and his wife Diane.  Mr. John Page and his wife Marjorie, Executive members.  Past Regional Chairman, Centre Chairmen and Nominated member and to those attending their first Regional AGM.


He offered thanks to the East Sussex Centre Chairman and his Committee for hosting the weekend and making all the arrangements for this meeting. 


He asked for all mobile phones to be switched off during the meeting and pointed out the fire exits.


The Chairman asked if all present had a copy of the Minutes of 19th November 2015 and copy of the Balance Sheet for 2015. 


Members were asked that when they wished to speak they should raise their hand and wait for the microphone and to assist the Minutes Secretary, begin by giving their full name. Anyone wishing to speak must reside in the South East Region and not previously spoken or voted at any other Regions AGM.


The Chairman then introduced Mr. John Page Executive Member of the Caravan Club, Mr. Rodney Lambert Vice Chairman of the Caravan Club, Mr. Mark Sinclair Treasurer of the South East Region, Mr. Charles Patrick Vice-Chairman of the South East Region and Mrs. Karen Shipper Secretary of the South East Region.



3.         Apologies for Absence:


Apologies for absence were received from:

Liz & Laurie Manning

Nick & Chris Childs

Ken & Ann Sumpter

Ken & Maggie Scrase

Dave & Stella Clayton




4.         Minutes of the AGM held on Saturday 19th November 2015


The Chairman asked if anyone had any amendments to the minutes, there was a name correction; he then asked for a proposer for the acceptance of the Minutes : Mr. Ken Wellard  and a seconder : Mr. Darren Charnock.  The minutes were then accepted by a show of hands.  Unanimously accepted.


5.         Matters arising from the Minutes




The Chairman then asked for everyone to stand in a minutes silence for those members who we have lost during the year.


6.         Chairman’s Report (Mr. Paul Funnell):


The Chairman said he proudly took on the Chairmanship of the South East Region in November 2015.


It was with sadness that our first meeting I had to relay information about the fire at Addington Village Hall – South London Centre’s New Year.  The support received from fellow ralliers, villagers and the Caravan Club was greatly received by all effected.  I can report that after many months the families with the support from friends, family and the Club are on the road to recovery.  The Health & Safety Officer went to the site and was happy with the spacing highlighting just how important safe spacing is.  Spacing is to safeguard lives.


This year we hosted 2 events in our region:


Question Time on Saturday 9th April was held at the Hogs Back Hotel in Surrey.  Approximately 80 members attended from the Club Rodney Lambert and Neil Windeap (Head of site operations) came along to help us answer question ranging from awnings to buying caravans abroad.  The members joined in sharing their experiences and giving advice to fellow members.  Some Club members had only used CL’s and Club Sites, they showed a keen interest in rallying and joining a Centre.  Interest was also show in volunteering at our Slinfold Site, I feel that this was a very successful and worthwhile event.


Meet the Members this year was held at the Littlehampton club site.

The wardens kindly handed out invitation to all those who stayed on site over the weekend.  Being near the seaside and the first weekend of the school holidays helped enormously with people wandering over to visit us.  Arts, crafts and a Magic show entertained the children, while a hot dog and glass of wine for the adults made for a relaxed couple of hours.  We talked to members about the many serviced that the club has to offer and dealt with questions and queries.  Rodney and John were there with their considerable experience and knowledge of the club, ensuring all questions were answered to the member’s satisfaction.


The National   At the National this year which was held at Weston Park the caravans were sited in regional blocks.  The South East Region had well over 100 units and our block marshals did a magnificent job seeing every one of them in over the weekend.  It was the first time that we held a reception for all those in our region.  It was an informal and friendly gathering and worked well in getting members together.  From this we have received several emails requesting more information on Centres and rallying.  To Celebrate the Queen’s 90th Birthday a street party was held in the main arena.  South East Region organised a photo booth and crown making stall.  You can see some of our photos which have been posted on the website.  There was plenty of free entertainment for all the family, what an excellent weekend.

For the National 2017 at Sandringham we already have 84 units booked in, Charles and Anne Patrick will be your lead block marshals.


Slinfold Club Site   The South East Region is responsible for the club site at Slinfold.  Brian and Sheila Taylor, I am very proud to say, are the site coordinators who work brilliantly at keeping everything in A1 condition. They organize the volunteer warden roster, first aid training, and tractor driving courses, health & safety, gardening and have also raised several hundreds of pounds in aid of the village scout group.  Not only that, but in September they arranged an afternoon tea party to thank the villagers for their support and acceptance of us caravanners staying in their village.  My admiration and thanks go to Brian and Sheila and of course to their hardworking volunteers.


I must congratulate all the Centre’s this year for their hard work in hosting some excellent event we had:-

West Surrey – 250th Rally

West Kent – 50th Anniversary Celebrations

East Kent – 50th Birthday rally

East Sussex – August Bank Holiday – Summerfest.

Plus not forgetting our friends in West Sussex and South London.


I don’t this that there are many clubs in the country that have such dedicated member who put in many hours, unpaid, to make sure everyone is kept happy safe, respected and entertained as there are in the Caravan Club.


This year the aim was to improve communications to all members of our region.  We have set up a Facebook page, this is a closed group, we will approve all new members and closely monitor all posts, and we currently have 82 members using this page.


For Meet the Members the club was able to email all members within a 50 mile radius who had not opted out.  To invite them to the event.  We have also designed a poster that has been distributed around club sites, CL’s and Dealers to encourage more independent members to get in touch and share their experiences.


We are looking into the possibility of having a pitch at the Detling Motorhome Show to promote the Caravan Club and the Region.


Website  Karen and Tony are our webmasters who have worked hard developing our new look site.  The front page gives Centre’s the opportunity to advertise events and special notices.  Independent members are invited to share on the site their caravanning experiences, feedback on sited, CL’s and ideas.

The rally calendar lists all rallies hosted by the Centres in our region just click on the rally and it will take you to the Centre’s website for more information.  We would like to encourage people to share information by using the help and hints page.

If you have a question that you would like the region to address, please contact us by email or your Centre rep.  The dates of the Regional meeting are posted on the site.  For all Regions latest news please visit our website.  We always welcome your comments, suggestions and experiences.


Meetings this year we held 5 Regional Meetings well attended by all Centres, 3 Independent members, executive officers and nominated member.

I have also attended 2 club council meetings and the Caravan Club AGM in Birmingham. 

Many topics were discussed for example:

There are over 40 sites in the UK that offer camping pitches.  In our region camping pods are available at the Abbey Wood and Brighton Club sites. 

A booking app for sites was launched in February this year you can now book any club sites in the UK.

Last year the Division, Regions and Centres raised £66,232 for Charities.

The washing facilities at Amberly Fields, Gatwick. I am happy to report is up and running.

The meetings were very pro-active.

The Caravan Club membership holds steady with around 350,000 households.

In our Region we have approx. 32,000 members of which approx... 4,300 are Centre members.


Your Regional Officers

Let us not forget the team of officers who have supported me this past year.

Charles Patrick – Vice Chairman – has attended all the Regional meetings, Question Time, Meet the Members and at the National was a block marshal.  Charles was on hand at the events answering questions and dealing with any problems that members may have.

Mark Sinclair-Watson – Treasurer Mark keeps us on track with our finances and presents the accounts at every meeting.  He has attended all the Regional Meetings, Question Time and Meet the Members.

Karen Shipper – Secretary – As a secretary Karen deals with all bookings, invites, meetings, correspondences and minute taking.  She makes sure was are all at the right place at the right time and keeps in contact with the Centre rep’s and the Caravan Club.  Karen has attended all the Regional meetings, Question Time, Meet the Members and was a block marshal at the National.  Behind this great lady is Tony – not only does Tony offer help and support at all our events but along with Karen is our webmaster, Tony is also known as our researcher! If we need something or it needs finding he is the Guy!


A big Thank You goes to Anne, Karen and Jen, in supporting us and the Region at all our events.


Executive Members

Rodney Lambert – Vice Chairman of the Caravan Club and John Page – Executive member, attend our Regional meetings and events, bringing a wealth of knowledge new and old from the club.  They keep us updated with club information and offer advice when required.


Nominated Member  - Emma Davey

            Emma will attend our meetings as a nominated member for the Caravan Club.


Centre Reps  Each Centre has 2 members that attend our meetings, relaying information and asking questions on behalf of their committee.


Independent Members  We have 3 Independent members who bring information on sites, CL’s and events in our region.


Special Thanks should go to

Rodney and Diane Lambert and Jake

John and Marjory Page

Brian and Sheila Taylor for Slinfold Club site.

Tony Crawford for supplying the PA system for all our events.

The South East Region National Block Marshals, headed by Darren and Cheryl Charnock

Alf Harvey for arranging Hogs Back Hotel for Question Time.


Finally, on my travels I am often asked “What is the South East Region About?”  My answer is simple – We are a communication team.  We offer help and advice were possible and inform members of all benefits of the Club.


Thank you all for your support and attending the AGM.



There were no questions on the Report. 


The Chairman then asked for acceptance of his report – Steve Hornsby




7.         Treasurer’s Report (Mr Mark Sinclair-Watson)



The Treasurer asked if everyone had a copy of or at least could see a copy of the accounts.


As you can see by looking at the figures we used our grant wisely in 2015.  We reduced our costs in meetings, fuel and especially Question Time in which we reduced our costs by over £500.00.


Apart from the figures from 2015 I would like to tell you about an event that we hosted in September this year.  The Caravan Club have been travelling around the country holding meetings with Centre Treasurers and in September it was our turn. This involved Janet Moore who is one of the Vice Chairman of the Caravan Club and chair of the finance committee along with Jon Laws who is in charge of Centre, Region and Division accounts at the Club.  The pair of them started off by giving a brief description of what they do at the club and went onto explain what sort of problems treasurers come across and what to do about them.  They then went onto a question and answer session with the Centre Treasurers and me.  There were many topics including VAT, raffle donations, when to have VAT returns done by and what can and cannot be claimed.  It was an excellent meeting where Janet and Jon helped to put the Centres treasures at ease with some of their problems and queries with their Centres finances.


Jon Laws stated that the South East Regions treasurers are no different to other regions up and down the country in that it is usually a difficult position to fill and sometimes they are the centres unsung heroes.  With a number of centres it has been touch and go if the centres actually carry on or not due to not being able to fill the treasurers position.


Both Jon and Janet were very grateful for the work that the treasurers and their committees do for the club and they are very much mindful that we are all volunteers and what we do is our hobby.  They told us that they can always be contacted by phone or e-mail at any time to help resolve their problems.


They both continue to help treasurers up and down the country and when I spoke to Jon last week, he told me that they have only got two more regions left to visit to completer their task.


Thank you for listening to me are there any questions.



Bill Wright – Can you elaborate on the event that made £8130 for the Region.

Answer : That was the Train Trip that the Region hold every 2 years.


The Treasurers report was accepted by a show of hands.


The Chairman then thanked the Treasurer for his report.




8.         Election of Officers



The Chairman asked all current post holders to hand in their badge of office and leave the platform.  During which time he asked the meeting to show their appreciation for the work they have done over the past year.  The Chairman then asked the previous past Chairman Mr. Brian Taylor to officiate for the next part of the meeting.


All officers left the platform except for the Minute Secretary and Secretary (due to a bad foot).


Brian Taylor introduced the nominees and asked them to retake their place on the platform.


            Chairman from one nomination

            Paul Funnel

            Accepted by a round of applause


            Vice Chairman from one nomination

            Charles Patrick

            Accepted by a round of applause


            Treasurer from one nomination

            Mark Sinclair-Watson


            Secretary from one nomination

            Karen Shipper

            Accepted by a round of applause


The Chairman then handed the meeting over to Rodney Lambert, Vice Chairman of the Caravan Club for a short and humerous insight to his role within the club.


9.         Secretary Notices

We are obliged by the Club to nominate each year, delegates for positions with in the South East Council, the first of these is a representative to attend the Club Council. 

At the meeting of the Region Officers on 1st October, Mr. Paul Funnell was nominated, I therefore ask if it is your wish for Paul to be our representative.

Secondly the confirmation of Independent member representation, that is, other than Centres on the South East Regional Council.

There are three nominees for these positions, Mrs. Carole Meek, Mr. John Hoy and Mr. Ken Chivers, I therefore ask if it is your wish for them to act as Independent member representatives.



10.       Mr. Rodney Lambert (Vice Chairman of The Caravan Club)


Rodney said this was his 10th year attending our AGM and many of the events the region runs and he must admit he found the South East a very friendly group, very hardworking, dedicated and entertaining and you deserve a round of applause to yourselves for doing it so well.  Thank you very much for that.


Question time was held Paul’s way, he made it into a more informal event in circles with him in the middle with the mike, and he made it into a conversation rather than questions and answer session.  It was something completely different and it worked so congratulations on that. 


Littlehampton was successful as well the children enjoyed the entertainer provided, you have an advantage being a coastal region therefore you can have this kind of party atmosphere and it really does help in what you do, so Thank you for that.


Brian and Sheila have been running Slinfold for 3 or 4 years and for a while it has been hard to find volunteers, but I think next year they are pretty well aright for volunteers, but they are looking at standing down and we are looking for someone to take on the mantle of overseeing Slinfold, if you are interested please see Brian who will be happy to let you know the highlights of what he does.  Thank you, Brian, and Thank you Sheila for what you do I know how much time and effort you put in and we thoroughly appreciate it at Club.


At the Club AGM the treasurer said we have had a very good year last year and this year was pretty good, I think it’s got even better than pretty good over the few weeks, bookings on club sites have really rising rapidly, I think the weather we’ve had has helped.  Site occupancy is growing and membership is growing these are omens for us I believe.


One of my responsibilities under my Events cap is Club competitions, Towcar of the Year, Caravan design, Motorhome design Lightweight Leisure trailers.  At the show I spent 2 days looking at Motorhomes and Campervan conversions, it was interesting the number of Motorhomes which we believe, coach built things which is a chassis with a caravan on top, only accounted for about 40% about 60% of them were these campervan conversions, a van with windows in it. And the sales seem to be going the same way it’s not Motorhomes people are buying it’s these van conversions, and I think they’re buying them because you can park them in Tesco’s, you can go out for a day in them as well as use them on a site.  So, the world changes and it’s a job to know which way we’re going to go next Caravan sales continue to be as Caravan sales always are.  One Salesman I’ve known for many, many years was telling me that Swift seem to sell to dealers who rebrand them with their own name and he wants to sell somebody a Swift he can’t get one till June next year.  So, sales of caravans is pretty buoyant, membership is growing, everything seems to be good so Club wise I think we’re looking forward to 2017 and I don’t think we want rose tinted glasses quite but it looks like the Club is in a good position.


I talked last year a bit about strategy and if you go to Aldersted Heath you’ll find there is a Yurt on site, we bought one to see if it is something we could use on grass pitches on sites and we’re looking at it so people could bring in other members of the family and friends along to join them on Club sites and we hope that there’s some other versions of that we can make use of as well.


It’s interesting, if anyone has seen a copy of Autocar this week on the front cover is an electric Jaguar 4x4 that they’re planning to launch in 2018, what’s motoring going to be like in 3 or 4 years time? I don’t know but I don’t think it will be quite the same as it was 4 years ago.


I normally come on with the adverts, and the adverts are normally for the National, I’m a bit stumped this year because you’ve already booked.  You’ve booked to the point that the area we’ve set aside for the South East Region is full, but there is a little bit of good news is that right next to you we have the Welsh Division and they have a few spaces, the total spaces I have available when I left on Friday about 1pm there something like 60 pitches available and we’ve sold around 30 a day roughly at the moment, we’ve had to take it off the website because they wouldn’t last the weekend, so there is around 60 pitches available, first come first served Monday morning.  There might be a few cancellations later on as people book then have to cancel, so we will form a waiting list and we will take people as and when we can.  So, if you don’t book Monday morning chances are you won’t get in.  People didn’t believe us when we said we’d sell out in 2 or 3 weeks when we launched in May but it was the truth.


A bit of good news for you is a new Member of my committee is Darren Charnock, welcome to Darren to Events, he attended his first meeting on Tuesday and Wednesday this week, Darren is looking after Sports and Have a Go, he doesn’t know much about it at the moment as he’s only just had some papers stuffed in his hand.  


We have quite a lot of things for you to Have a Go at this year, we’ll be doing a sports day, we’ll be doing all the things we usually do and a lot of new stuff as well, we will be using the email to inform you all as long as you ticked the box to receive emails, this is something we have a problem with, when you join the club there are about 5 types of emails we could send you, but you have to tick the box to agree to receive them, if you don’t tick them you don’t receive them, but apparently we don’t tell you to do that, if you go on your profile you will find the different types of email you can receive from us. 


Weston Park we did well at, I’d like to thank the block Marshalls for all the work they did, sorry about the iffy water pump, it wasn’t my water pump but the contractors, we’ll try to do better one this year.  I think the Regional blocks worked well and we’ve had a lot of good response from it, saying it encouraged people to come along and try rallying.  This is something we can do some more work on at the Regional/Divisional forum in January.


Thank you for listening, if you have any questions I’ll answer them.



11.       Appointment of Auditor

We would propose the continued services of Fiest Hedgethorne, Preston Park, Brighton.


Are there any objections?   No objections


            Unanimously Accepted by a show of hands



12.       Slinfold Report –


2016 has not been particularly good year a site occupancy was 596 van night down on last year according to my records.  This has equated to a loss of £8344 based on last year’s figures.


Only March, April and July saw an increase over last year with May being 248 van night down and August 174 night down.  Some of this is probably due to the Olympic Games and the site having a poor TV reception which is an ongoing problem.  I think that the price rise of £1.50 to £14.00 a night had a big effect with several of our regulars only staying once and finding cheaper CL’s to stay on.  Also, when members tried to book through the smart phone app it came up as £18.00 a night until they proceed to book function was used which then showed the correct price of £14.00.  By this time, they had changed their minds and booked a site with more facilities for the same price.  I understand that this problem has now been fixed but too late for this year’s season.  Never the less we achieved an overall profit of around £16,000.


A big thank you to all the Volunteer Wardens has to be high on my agenda as without them the site could not function.  They have all continued to work hard running the site keeping the grounds in good order and maintaining their friendly approach to visiting members, several of which have commented on this.


Unfortunately, several wardens have had to drop out this year for various reasons.  Clive Page and Pam Reigler have had to retire due to illness following many years as wardens.  David and Carol Humerstone had family problems and sadly Rita Jeffery passed away following a brave battle with cancer.  Rita’s husband Richard has asked to continue as a warden and I am only too happy to accommodate him for next year.


Four new couples have been trained this year and I look forward to them working with us.


Several people have heled in covering the vacant slots but it has still meant the Sheila and I have been on duty for 9 weeks this year.  As you can imagine along with my regular visits this has taken a large lump out of our summer this year.  Next year I have a full complement of wardens so hopefully it will be a bit easier for us.


The site is beginning to look very tired now with the roadway requiring resurfacing and the fencing around the service points and around the reception are rotting badly.  I have again asked for some money to be allocated to improve the site but doubt this will happen next year.


There have been several complaints from members about the condition of the site including letters to East Grinstead House about this.  They do say however that this is not the wardens fault and does not reflect on them in any way but is down to the sites department.


At this year’s villager’s party when we invited the locals to come to the site for a cream tea which, despite the bad weather was well attended we again were able to pass on to the local scout group £330. Approx. which was raised from the sales of books from our library and from the raffle that afternoon, the prizes for which were all donated by the wardens.  Thanks to Jen Funnell for arranging the raffle for us.


A couple of thanks now.


First to Angie and Terry Bright who have retired as wardens this year having been there for 12 years from the start of the site being run by volunteers finishing with Sheila and I helping in shutting down the site at the end of this season.  I wish them well for the future.


Thanks also to Rodney and Diane for their continued support this year.  Thank you both.


On to new year now.


We have a few challenges to take on following a visit from the area manager and the health and safety officer which due to ne pitch areas for fire regulations has resulted in the loss of several pitches and standard awning pitches.  This will entail close management of what outfit can be pitched on which pitch instead of members being able to choose from any vacant pitch.


Hopefully, next year will see an improvement on this year.


Finally, my thanks to Sheila, without whose support I could not act a coordinator for the site.  Not many partners would put up with the amount of time we have spent on site this year so thanks go to her for the support that you have given me and The Caravan Club.


The Chairman then thanked Brian & Shelia for all the work they do, which is appreciated, they were then presented with gifts as a token from the Region.




13.       Any other Business


Ken Chivers: To Rodney – 1st I would like to see in future that the club donates money it used on sites on smaller sites, people will not go to these places if you don’t keep the standards up, you spend millions when a few thousand could help bring the smaller sites, like Slinfold up to a reasonable condition. 

The 2nd point – I do not agree with the terminology of Independent Member, I would prefer to be a Non-Centre Member because it relates more to what we do, we are not Independent of the Club we are part of the Club we represent members, at least we hope we do, a vast majority of members.  I know it was changed a couple of years ago without any consultation, I would suggest that the Regional Secretaries ask their Independent members and take it from there.


Rodney answer :  we do invest a lot in smaller sites, but in small ways I think, I understand the Slinfold question and Brian knows I’ve had my knuckles rapped several times.  I don’t understand our reluctance to spend money, we did spend money when we first made it a Volunteer site.  But you’re right in recent years we haven’t spent very much on it at all.  We had to replace the garage door.  But you saying what you’re saying gives me the opportunity to get my knuckles rapped again.  I’ll have a go.

The Independent and Non- Centre words, I agree with both your sentiments, neither of them are perfect and I don’t know what the perfect description is.  I don’t like people being Non something because it’s not a descriptive you really want to be positive and say they are something, it wants something that is constructive in saying that you belong, maybe it should just be Caravan Club members.  I will take it away not promising anything I’ll talk with the Executive Secretary and see if we can come up with something that will be more acceptable.  If the Region want to take it up with other regions this might be their opportunity.


John Hoy: so called Independent member, Just picking up on what Ken has said it might not be a bad idea to look at the ratio we’ve got on the council. Picking up on the size of the membership and the ratio of Independent members at the meeting.  


The Chairman then passed over to the Vice Chairman with some observations that the region have noticed.


Vice Chairman – then handed out some plaques for some things that were noticed - all from the National.


We had a reception for the South East Region block at the National and we invited everyone over to have some sandwiches and wine and we were all enjoying ourselves, unfortunately other members decided to turn up for parking up at the same time, which was most inconvenient, but there was one person who stood out and parked up the vans while everyone else was enjoying themselves.  I would like to present this plaque to Alf Harvey for taking on that.


The next one this was somebody who was involved in the entertainment marquee their job was Security and Crowd control, during one of the evenings there was a little bit of an altercation with a member of the Caravan Club and this person kept calm and collected and kept everything in order and that was Mr. Keith Nicholls, and your plaque is “for holding the line boys”.


The last but by no means least, this goes to somebody who was having difficulty walking due to a knee operation, so he had a mobility scooter and he went down to the main marquee area to find that his battery went flat and he had to be towed back to his caravan, so I would like Nigel Blackman to come up and his plaque is a Duracell bunny and don’t leave home without one.


The Chairman thanked the Vice chairman


Malcolm Grinyer from East Sussex Centre, when we rallied here a few years ago at a Regional AGM, one caravanner arrived with a pair of shoes 1 brown & 1 black, what we would like to know Mr. Funnell did you ever find the other matching pair?


Answer : I was told that East Sussex had a bad memory, what happened was we arrived quite late Friday night the battery went flat, so you grab a pair of shoes in the dark and put them on and you go out, I kept the shoes on walked over to the reception Friday night, and it was promptly pointed out 1 was black and 1 was brown.  And I did have another pair like it.  Thank you Malcolm.


John Page: Many of you will know, but there will be a few of you that don’t know, that I haven’t been too good this year but I’m delighted to say that I’m a lot better now and improving all the time. But my service for the Caravan Club I feel is right that it should come to an end and it is near the end and it ends on the 31st December and I shall walk away into the sunset never to be seen or heard of again.  But I’ve been coming to the South East Region now for some years, and I have to say you are an extremely friendly pleasant lot of people I’ve enjoyed my time with you and I would like to thank you all very, very much indeed for your friendship it has been very much appreciated, I speak for Marjorie as well, we’ve had an absolutely lovely few years with you.  So, Ladies and Gentlemen I’ve enjoyed your company, I’ve enjoyed your friendship, I shall miss you all, it’s been an experience for me and long may you continue to be successful under the brilliant chairmanship of Mr. Paul Funnell.


14.       Date & Venue of 2017 AGM


The Secretary announced that West Sussex Centre will be our hosts next year The Date and time of the AGM is Saturday 11th November 2017 commencing at 2.30pm.  The Venue is the Midhurst Rother College, North Street, Midhurst, West Sussex GU29 9DT.






15.       Meeting Close


The Chairman thanked Sandy Hutchings for taking the minutes,

A big thank you to Tony Crawford for the PA System.

He thanked the East Sussex Chairman and Committee for hosting the weekend and supplying refreshments for the meeting.

Thank you to everyone who has helped with the running of this meeting in any way. 

Thank you all for your support and time in attending this meeting.

Thank you to all our Guests for giving up their free time to be here with us today.


Rodney and Diane for supporting us also to John and Marjorie Page – Flowers were presented to Diane and Marjorie


What John hasn’t told you is that he has been a member of the Caravan Club for 50 years, he has done a lot of things in that time, he has been chairman of many committees, many regions.  From the South East Region please accept this small token. 

John will be missed at our meetings he has had a lot of input over the years.


Hand over the Vice Chairman – Charles for the winner of the Christmas Card competition : this was the one you voted for which was Maddison Harmon aged 9 and that is the one that will be our Christmas card for this year, we do have a box of chocolates for her.


The Chairman and officers of the South East Region would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy Christmas and a Healthy New Year


Enjoy your caravanning and drive safetly.


(would all members of the Regional Council please stay for a short meeting)


Meeting closed at 15.37pm