Minutes of the 21st Annual General Meeting of the South East Region

Of the Caravan and Motorhome Club


held at Steyning Grammar School

Shooting Field, Steyning, BN44 3RX




Saturday 11th November 2017






Mr. Paul Funnell                     :                       Chairman

Mr. Charles Patrick                 :                       Vice-Chairman

Mr. Mark Sinclair-Watson      :                       Treasurer

Mrs. Karen Shipper                 :                       Secretary

Mrs. Janet Moore                    :                       CMC Vice-Chairman

Mr. Rodney Lambert              :                       CMC Vice-Chairman


Together with 94 members



The Chairman called the meeting to order at 2.30pm and asked the Secretary to read the notice convening the meeting.  She also informed the meeting that Liz Manning would be taking the minutes and that the meeting would be recorded for accuracy.

There were no objections.


1.  Chairman’s Welcome:


The Chairman welcomed and thanked everyone for their attendance especially the Vice Chairman, Rodney Lambert and his wife Diane, along with Vice Chairman Jan Moore, our Lifetime Member John Page along with his wife Marjorie, all past Regional Chairmen, Centre Chairmen and Nominated members and to those attending their first Regional AGM.


He also thanked the West Sussex Centre Chairman and her Committee for hosting the weekend and making all the arrangements for this meeting.


He asked that all mobile devices be switched off or put on silent mode during the meeting. The fire exits were pointed out.


The Chairman confirmed that everyone present had a copy of the Minutes of the 20th AGM held on 19th November 2016 and a copy of the 2016 Balance Sheet.


Members were reminded that if they wished to speak during the meeting, to raise their hand, wait for the microphone, and to assist the Minute Secretary, to clearly state their name. Only those who reside in the South East Region and who have not previously spoken or voted at any other Region’s AGM’s were eligible to speak.


The Chairman then introduced the platform party: Mrs. Janet Moore Vice-Chairman of the Caravan and Motorhome Club, Mr. Rodney Lambert Vice-Chairman of the Caravan and Motorhome Club, Mr. Mark Sinclair-Watson Treasurer of the South East Region, Mrs. Karen Shipper Secretary of the South East Region, Mr. Charles Patrick Vice-Chairman of the South East Region, himself and Liz Manning acting as Minute Secretary.


2. Apologies for Absence:


He then asked the Secretary to read out any apologies for absence. These had been received from Andy and Alison Palmer, Ken Chivers, Maggie and Ken Scrase and Christine and Nick Childs. There were no other apologies from the floor.



3. Minutes of the AGM held on Saturday 19th November 2016:


The Chairman asked if anyone had any amendments to the above minutes.

Mr. Ken Sumpter said that on page 3 it stated that West Surrey had run their 250th Rally. This should read their 2,500th Rally.


There were no other amendments and the Chairman asked for a proposer for the acceptance of the above minutes – Mr. Ken Wellard, and a seconder – Mrs. Marjorie Page. The minutes were then accepted by a show of hands. Unanimously accepted.



4. Matters arising from the Minutes:


There were none.



5. Chairman’s Report:


Mr. Paul Funnell said this year the Region had hosted three events:


Question Time:  This took place at Tunbridge Wells, Kent on Saturday 8th April. Approximately 60 members attended. The Club was represented by Rodney Lambert, Executive Committee member, Hannah Pointer, Social Media Executive and Rebecca Newman, Divisions, Regions and Centres Secretary. They all came along to help answer questions. Although there were not as many members in attendance, the questions were still varied on subjects from towbars to overseas travel. Phil Batchelor from the Home Counties Region was on hand to answer questions on CL’s and how CL’s were set up.  Once again, East Grinstead emailed members within a fifty-mile radius of the location about this event.


Meet the Members:  This year it was held at Daleacres Club Site in Kent. Being the first weekend of the school holidays, there were children in abundance. An entertainer along with arts & crafts kept the children occupied while allowing the adults time to relax and talk. The main topic of conversation was with regards to Members’ benefits.  Janet Moore, Vice Chairman, was there to offer her support and knowledge of the club, ensuring all questions were answered to the Members’ satisfaction. Despite the heavy rain, this was a successful event.


Detling Motorhome Show:  For the first time, we had a stand at this event. We set up on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday and were well supported by the Club. With a pop-up banner, booklets and leaflets we were there to promote the Club and our Region. Once again answering any questions from Members and non-Members alike, ranging from escorted travel to accepting motorhomes. The hot topic, once again, was Club benefits. One Member who had 30 years with the Club was unaware of the range of discounts offered to Members. This event was very successful for both the Club and Centres in our Region. After explaining the potential benefits to non-Members, they were very keen to join, also expressing interest in Centre activities. We felt there were potentially 20 – 30 new Members from this event.  I would like to thank the South London Centre for all their help with this event.


The National:  At the National this year which was held at Sandringham, the caravans were sited in Regional blocks. The South East Region had a full block, even spilling over into the Welsh lines. Our Block Marshals did a magnificent job.  We held a reception for all those in our Region on the Saturday. A hot dog and a glass of wine was enjoyed by all!  Once again, the warm weather and excellent entertainment made the National a brilliant weekend for all the family. But sadly, no visit from the Queen this year!


Slinfold Club Site:  The South East Region is responsible for the Club Site at Slinfold.  Brian and Sheila Taylor, the Site Co-ordinators, work very hard to keep the site in good order.  They organise the volunteer warden rosta, first aid training, tractor training, Health and Safety, gardening and this year raised several hundred pounds in aid of the Village Scout Group.  In September they arranged an afternoon Tea Party to thank the Villagers for their support and acceptance of us caravaners and motorhomes staying in their village. A big thank you and congratulations to Brian and Sheila and all the team for the hardwork at making this an award-winning site.


Bluebell Railway: This event was open to all members of our Club and was hosted by the South London Centre.  Bluebell kindly agreed for us to rally on its field alongside Horsted Keynes station allowing us unlimited use of the railway over the weekend. On Saturday, the evening started with a Pimms Reception on the field. We arrived at Sheffield Park station and were greeted to the sound of our Jazz band playing on the platform next to the Golden Arrow steam train. The food, music and company made for a memorable event.


Region Book: This year we have produced a South East Region Book outlining the Rally programmes of all six Centres.  For 2018, after a lot of positive feedback, we are looking to improve its future. We would like to promote special Centre events.          Michelle Bailey from East Kent has very kindly offered to contact local businesses asking for sponsorship to help finance this for the future.  Our Facebook page, which was started last year, is steadily growing and we currently have 137 members. 


Website:  Karen and Tony Shipper are our Webmasters. With the front page, we were looking to increase exposure to Centre events. We believe this has had a positive impact and would like to encourage Rally Secretaries to forward special event details.    We would also like to encourage Centres and members to provide any hints, tips and information they would like to share with our Region.  We are also asked a lot about local CL’s and Club Sites. For any amateur writer that is willing to write a review on local CL’s and Club Sites this would be most welcome.


Meetings:  This year we held 5 Regional meetings well attended by all Centres, 3 independent Members, Executive Officers and a nominated Member.  I have also attended 2 Club Council Meetings and the Caravan and Motorhome Club AGM in Birmingham.  


Many topics were discussed for example:


At the Club AGM, the Chairman personally thanked all the Volunteers at the Slinfold Club Site.


They have introduced more all-weather pitches at the Alderstead Heath Site.


Since the introduction of Social Media in August 2016, there are now 500,000 Social Media Members.


In order to promote Centres, in the July edition of the Club Magazine there was a 2-page spread ‘One Big Family’ detailing what all Centres had to offer.


The Club Treasurer also congratulated all Divisions, Regions and Centres for their efforts in raising £72,000 for Charitable causes.  An incredible £650,000 has been raised over the past 10 years!


Due to the success of Pods, for 2017 the Club was trialling 3 Pods at Alderstead Heath and 3 Pods at Abbey Wood Sites. Also, alongside 3 Yurts in Alderstead Heath, subject to planning permission, more are to be installed in 2018 in Brighton and Daleacres.


On Brexit, the Club is very aware of the possible issues that will affect the Club. For example: UK driving licences, European travel, pet passports, travelling over international borders due to extra documents and visas, health care whilst travelling and VAT issues.


Diesel vehicles are currently being banned from European cities – Paris being one of them.


45% of new Membership to the Club have been Motorhome owners. In our Region we have approximately 26,000 Members of which roughly 3,000 are Centre Members. Unfortunately, we are down about 30% in Centre Membership since 2016 when it stood at about 4,200. 12 % of Club Members are registered with Centres.


Our Region has been actively promoting communications between Regions. With the help of the Club we organised a meeting for all Regional Officers at the National and again at the Club AGM in Birmingham. More are being planned for the future.


Please be aware that this is just a snapshot of all the figures I have just given you.


Your Regional Officers:    Let us not forget the team of Officers who have supported me for the past 2 years.


Charles Patrick, Vice Chairman, has attended all the Regional meetings, Question Time, Meet the Members, Detling Show and at the National was a Block Marshal.


Mark Sinclair-Watson, Treasurer, has kept us on track with our finances and presents the accounts at every meeting. He has attended all the Regional meetings, Question Time, Meet the Members, Detling Show and at the National was a Block Marshal.


Karen Shipper, Secretary, deals with all bookings, invites, meetings, correspondences and minute taking. She has made sure that we are all at the right place at the right time and keeps in contact with all the Centres and the Club. Karen has attended all the Regional meetings, Question Time, Meet the Members, Detling Show and was a Block Marshal at the National.  Karen’s husband Tony, along with Karen, is our Webmaster.


A big thank you goes to Anne, Karen, Tony and Jen in supporting us at Regional events.


Executive members:   Rodney Lambert, Vice Chairman, has attended out Regional meetings and events, bringing a wealth of knowledge new and old from the Club.

Janet Moore, Vice Chairman, has attended our Meet the Members helping answer any questions.  They keep us update with Club information and offer advice when required.


Centre Representatives:  Each Centre has 2 Members who attend our meetings, relaying information and asking questions on behalf of their Committee.


Independent Members:   We have 3 Independent Members who bring information on sites, CL’s and events in our Region.


We also have 1 nominated Member.


Special thanks should go to Rodney and Diane Lambert; Janet and Daryl Moore; Brian and Sheila Taylor for Slinfold Club Site;

Tony Crawford for supplying the PA system for all our events; Ken and Anne Sumpter for National Block Marshals; Sue and Milky Smith for cooking at the National reception; Mel and Jen Fuller for their support at the National and Daleacres; Kevin and Michelle Bailey and Barry and Linda Short for Bluebell; Rosemary and Ken Wellard for their support at the National and Bluebell and Val Mitchel for Detling Motorhome Show.


Finally, Paul said it made him very proud to be our Chairman and he was very happy to help where he could.

He thanked everyone for their support and for attending the AGM.

The Chairman then asked if there were any questions. There were none.


Paul asked for his report to be adopted. This was proposed by Ken Wellard and seconded by Brian Taylor. A show of hands approved the report.


6. Treasurer’s Report:


It was checked that everyone present had a copy of the Balance Sheet.

Mark then read his report:


He greeted everyone and said it was his last Treasurer’s Report as he was standing down from being the Regional Treasurer to take up his new role as the South East Regional Vice Chairman.  However, as it is tradition and because we run the Regional accounts on a calendar year basis, Mark will continue to finish off the accounts for this financial year ready to hand to the Auditors. He hoped he had run the accounts efficiently over the years and had used each year’s budget wisely. He had not been sacked anyway! The Region has had some great teams over the years and Mark thanked this year’s Committee (Paul, Karen and Charles) including the ever-helpful Rodney Lambert. Previous committees including Brian Taylor and Peter Newman had also been a great support in his role a Treasurer.


Regarding the 2016 accounts, the catering costs were approximately the same in 2016 and 2015 taking the number of meetings into account. Telephone, postage and secretarial costs were reduced from the previous year due to emails etc and the fact that they did not let Karen have too much money!


Mark then asked if there were any questions?


Tony Beaney asked about the £350 costs attributed to Bridge and Ferry tolls. Mark explained this should have been under the AGM on the previous line. There were a few typo errors from the auditors. By the time they come back to the committee, they have to be signed off and sent to the Club. There were a few errors, of which this was one. They come under the heading of Errors and Omissions.


There were no other questions and Mark asked for his Report to be accepted. The Report was approved by Darren Charnock and seconded by Tony Beaney. The report was accepted by a show of hands from the floor.


Paul thanked Mark for his Report.


7. Election of officers:


The Chairman asked all current post holders to hand in their badge of office and window plaques and to leave the platform.

Paul invited Brian Taylor onto the stage to take the meeting and Liz Manning to remain to take the minutes.

He asked those present to show their appreciation for the work they had done over the past year. The meeting applauded.


Brian announced there was one nomination for the post of Regional Chairman, namely Mr. Paul Funnell. He asked those present to approve the election which was given by a round of applause. Brian invited Paul back on to the stage and presented him with his badge of office.


Paul then took over the meeting from Brian.

There was one nomination for the post of Vice Chairman, namely Mark Sinclair-Watson.  Paul asked for the floor’s approval which was given by a round of applause.

Mark returned to the stage to be presented with his badge of office and to take his place as Vice Chairman.


Paul then said there was one nomination for the post of Secretary, namely Karen Shipper. Again, Karen was invited back on to the stage to a round of applause.  She was presented with her badge of office.


The Chairman announced there were two nominations for the post of Treasurer. He asked the two nominees to come to the front of the meeting to be introduced.  They were Mr. Melvin Fuller and Mr. Stuart Johnson.


Paul thanked them both and asked them to return to their seats. He checked that everyone present had a voting slip and asked that Members put a cross against their choice for nomination. Any spoilt papers would not be counted. The voting slips were then collected by the tellers (Brian & Sheila Taylor and Diane Lambert) and they were asked to retire to undertake the count.


Paul wished both candidates good luck.


8. Appointment of Club Council/ Independent Representatives:


The Chairman asked Karen to read out the Secretary Notices.


Karen said that the Region is obliged by the Club to nominate each year, delegates for positions within the South East Council. The first of these is a Representative to attend Club Council. At a meeting of the Region officers on 30th September, Mr. Paul Funnell was nominated.  Karen asked the meeting to approve by a show of hands.  The nomination was approved.


Secondly the confirmation of Independent Member representation, that is, other than Centres, on the South East Regional Council. There are three nominees for these positions, Mrs. Carole Meek, Mr. John Hoy and Mr. Ken Chivers. The Secretary asked if the meeting wished the above to act as Independent Member Representatives. A show of hands approved all three nominations.


9.  Mr. Rodney Lambert, Club Vice Chairman:


Paul then asked Rodney Lambert to give a short talk to the meeting.


Rodney greeted the meeting. He said he had enjoyed working with Paul and his team, they do a great deal of work and a lot of varying subjects are covered, conclusions for which are arrived to normally suit everybody. This derives from the hard work they put in every year maintaining the records and keeping the Regional Website to the standard it is. Not all Regions achieve that type of quality. Thank you very much.  One thing Mrs. Moore and Rodney can be blamed for is for stealing our Vice Chairman because they persuaded Charles Patrick to take a position as a Nominated Member. Rodney congratulated him and there was applause from the floor.  They hoped that Charles would be joining the Technical Committee sometime in the not too distant future with his automotive knowledge.  We will have within the Region a technical expert who will be learning a lot at meetings often held at caravan manufacturers, motor parts dealers and so on where they get an insight to what is going on in the future for caravanning, designs etc. Interesting times ahead!  He thanked Charles for volunteering.


Question Time, although there were fewer attendees, it did not detract from the meeting, which went on for a couple of hours.  There were some great questions and great answers. It was just after the branding change and we are now all living with the new world and seeing as a Club slight changes as to the way people approach us. Interestingly since then 45% of members are motorhome users and this is very likely the way things will be in a few years.


Paul mentioned the French and their diesel ban. All cars up to Euro 2 are being banned from the centre of Paris. Neither is clean. The latest diesels and petrol vehicles are not far off and on an even par. We are all concerned that there may be an invasion of electric cars which will stop us towing a motorhome or caravan. However, Rodney didn’t think we needed to be that concerned.   During October 2017 there were 199,000 vehicles registered, of which 3,332 were electric or hybrid in one month.  It is not so big that it will affect us in the next few years, but then we have Euro 7 coming, which is cleaner still! We have to be careful because to provide electricity carbon dioxide is produced. The biggest polluter in London is central heating boilers, which are not being banned!

Rodney said he could go on a lot more about this subject, but felt that political motives were also heavily involved.


Rodney normally talks a bit about The National. He thanked all the members who attended this last year. It was a reasonable event; the weather was very kind to us and all the Regions did a grand job in promoting the Regions and the Centres to the Members they had there. Each Region gave a reception and where we have had to move to a Regional Block system, it has worked very well.


We are going to try a new inter-Regional event next year which is Barbecue Chef.  We are trying to get some sponsorship for it. Rodney would like each Centre to produce a barbecue chef or two to compete at a Regional level and then up to the National for the Grand Final where there will be some nice prizes. To do this in time for May next year will be a bit of a challenge! Rodney has suggested to all of the Regions that they do a Menu Competition. Anybody who wants to enter produces a two-course menu and thinks about the presentation of the menu. The Region will choose the two best menus to represent their Region in 2018, but running alongside would be the competition as initially described for 2019.  This will be an opportunity for people to do what they enjoy – a barbecue with a glass of wine! This is something new and different and hope it will take off.


Bookings for Sedgemere can be taken from 28th November, by telephone or on-line. There is not a shortage of pitches, the site can take 16-1700 units. There should be enough pitches for everybody who wants to come.


It was disappointing this year as the post National survey can only be sent out to people who sign up for marketing material. The Club Website profile needs to be ticked in the box stating you are willing to accept marketing information to enable you to receive the survey. The survey is used to help generate what is going to happen the following year. The Club enjoys receiving and reading the completed surveys to help develop Member’s ideas. Please tick the box and fill in the survey.


A couple of other things happened. Paul did Meet the Members, I was unavailable, so Janet went along to support Paul. She also held a Treasurer’s Forum. He then handed Janet Moore the microphone to explain:


Janet greeted the meeting and said how lovely it was to be present. She did not realise she would be asked to speak and joked about being put on the spot!


The Treasurer’s Forum: in the last 20 months John and I have been travelling around to all the Divisions of the Regions giving Treasurers of Centres a Forum so that they can tell us what worries them about doing the job. We can get information and ideas from them but we can also tell them how they can find out about information: where they can get help and who they can contact at the Club for that help.  These Forums have been extremely successful and we have been overwhelmed by the amount of people who have come along.  We invited along Treasurers and Centre Chairmen. We did have a little blip at one Forum because John and I said it was the Janet and John story.  You all of a certain age will know what that means but this particular group of Treasurers were a bit younger and they looked at us blankly, so this was a bit embarrassing! Probably in a year 18 months time I am going to do them again because personnel will have changed and information will be updated and with the speed at which internet banking and the internet itself is racing along, we need to keep Treasurers up to date with what is going on and to see what we can do for them.


Rodney mentioned the Meet the Members that I did at Daleacres. It was a tremendous afternoon and we really enjoyed it. Daryl was with me and we had a tremendous weekend. It was very well run. Congratulations to Paul and his team because they do work very well together.  We do quite a lot of meetings throughout the country and it does give an insight into the Regions that are working well and we were delighted to be there in a lovely part of the world. Thank you for inviting us. It was a pleasure.


Thank you also for your invitation for today; it is nice to see so many people that I know. Many of them I haven’t seen for years – they do not seem to have changed, even if I have!


Thank you and carry on supporting your very good Region.






10.  Results of vote for Regional Treasurer:


Paul thanked the meeting for their applause and was then handed to results of the voting by Brian. He said that we had voted for our Treasurer. He was pleased to announce the new Treasurer is Stuart Johnson. There was a round of applause. Paul then presented Stuart with his badge of Office and he took his place on the stage. Paul said now we have a new Treasurer, he would ask the old Treasurer to appoint our Auditors.


11. Appointment of Auditors:


We would propose the continued services of Fiest Hedgethorne, Preston Park, Brighton.


Are there any objections? There were none.  Unanimously accepted by a show of hands. There were none against and the proposal was adopted.


12.  Slinfold Report:


The Slinfold Site Co-Ordinator, Brian Taylor, read his report.


The 2017 season has been another challenging year with site occupancy down by 700 van nights against last year’s figures with only May and June showing an increase on last year. Some of this was down to the bad weather which affected the whole of the sites network in general. But again, I feel this has been affected by the wrong price being displayed when members book on line. The price that initially came up was £18.50 a night as opposed to the correct price of £14.00 per night. This has prevented some members from coming to Slinfold as they can go to sites with full facilities for a similar price.


At last late this season after 18 months of complaining, the price has been corrected and we hope we will see an increase in members booking with us next year. This decrease in occupancy has obviously had an adverse effect on the profit we have made this year. New for us this year has been the introduction of having to allocate pitches to members staying on site. This has been brought about by the introduction of larger fire break distances between units and the layout of the site. We have to reserve the larger pitches for the larger units which has resulted in several complaints from members who were not happy with the pitch allocated to them and when some of the larger and nicer pitches reserved for the larger units arriving later or the next day       were empty at their time of arrival. We try to accommodate member’s requests to change their pitch but sometimes this is not possible and some members have cancelled their booking and left for another site.


We invited the local villagers to come to the site for a cream tea on Saturday 2nd September and approximately 70 people attended. Many commented on how good the site looked and how they enjoyed us being there. With the proceeds from our book sales and from the raffle held that afternoon we donated £250 to the local Scouts for their funds. Thanks to Jen Funnell for doing a splendid raffle.


At the villagers’ request we organised a cream tea afternoon in aid of Macmillan Cancer Charity when we raised £140.00


The Club has agreed to carry out some improvements to the site during the winter shut period this year. We are going to get a new fence around the warden’s enclosure and some new fencing between the site and our neighbours. There is a possibility of the roadway being resurfaced, but I will wait and see on that one.


I am losing 2 couples who have been wardens since the site was first run by volunteers 14 years ago. They are Mike and Gill Pope and Eric and Ann Coates. I think a special thank you is due to them for all their time on site. Also leaving us are Sandra and Robin Turner after 4 years with us and John and Carol Godfrey decided early this year that they were no longer able to continue working with us. Again, thanks to them for their time on site.


I had 3 couples join us from the Mildenhall site which closed earlier this year and they helped to fill in the periods that I did not have cover for.


I only have one new couple joining us this year and am beginning to struggle with the lack of volunteers to cover some periods next year. Anybody interested, please see me afterwards.


Those of you who have stayed on a Club site recently have probably received and E-mail from the Club’s Sites Department inviting you to fill in a questionnaire about your experience on the sites that you have visited. Well, I am pleased to tell you that under the section headed Customer Experience, which is basically how we as wardens greet and look after the members staying on site, that we achieved a score of 9.8 out of 10 this year, which is the highest score for the South East and Anglia area and possible for the whole of the network. All the other scores were above 8 out of 10 which is still very good.


I must now thank all the volunteer wardens on mine and the Club’s behalf for all their time and hard work in running and maintaining the site to such a high standard. It has been a pleasure working with you all.


Rodney Lambert has again supported us all at Slinfold. He and Diane have given their weekends up to come and join us at the beginning of the season and for the party weekend as well as supporting our case with staff at East Grinstead House. Thank you both.


My final thank you must go to Sheila for her time spent with me on site and for putting up with the phone calls and e-mails that come through, some at silly times, and for allowing me to continue in this position for yet another year.


A presentation was then made to Brian and Sheila in appreciation of all their hard work over the last year.





13.  Any Other Business


Loraine Tullett asked Rodney if the Club could provide a tick box for the survey only so that not all the other information was included. Rodney said he gets quite involved in changes to the computer system. It is very expensive to investigate this possibility, let alone carry it out. Therefore, he did not think this was possible. You will get marketing information, but it is very limited to possibly one email a week. Some of them are quite interesting because they are about the partner offers that we get. He gave some examples of the offers available.


Carol Wightman, Rally Secretary, West Sussex Centre, said that recently the West Sussex Website had been hacked into. The Centre has not managed to provide any IT expertise. She asked Rodney if the Club could provide any help with a Website that was up to date and not hackable. The Club instigated a new Website about a year ago, part of which was to provide Webspace for Centres, Regions, Divisions but this has not been accomplished yet. It will take another year. He advised Carol to contact the Digital Marketing field. Carol said that she had already been told by Rebecca Newman that there was no support available. Rodney will take this back. Janet Moore knew someone in the SW Region who was very good with Websites. Janet offered to see Carol after the meeting to help.


John Hoy (Independent member) said just to support Brian and the Slinfold Site, is it possible to add into the page on the SE Region Webpage, the reduced rate for Slinfold? When members went to that page they could see the correct rate. He did not see the rate there. Brian said it showed as £14 per night now in the Club book, but it needs to be put on the Club Website.


Malcolm Grinyer (East Sussex) said when his Centre did the South East Region meeting back in 2016, the gavel was forgotten by the Chairman. Malcolm made Paul a presentation of a large gavel. He asked the Chairman to accept it as a gift and Paul thanked him.


Paul then told a story. When you had to come out of the Region last year you had to do a drive forward and then a reverse. The man reversing you back did not know if you were going right or left. When we were actually leaving and pulling away a goodbye hand wave is this way round with all fingers upwards. Thank you, Malcolm!


Paul had a small observation:  A Rally Sec. spent 20 minutes going up and driving down the road and he suddenly realised he hadn’t got a clue where he was going or what venue he was going to.  So, he promptly put in the SatNav and the SatNav said you are 20 minutes in the wrong direction, you are going the wrong way. So even Rally Secs get it wrong!


Paul made one last point. We have 6 Centres in our Region, and we have 4 lady Chairmen. He thought this was the first time this had happened anywhere. Congratulations to South London, East Kent, West Surrey and West Sussex.


 Ken Sumpter congratulated the Region on the publication of the 6 Centre programme. This enabled all Centres to share what was going on. Numbers are difficult and if all Centres can share it is brilliant. He asked if it could be distributed more widely as a lot of his Centre Members did not have it. Is it going to be available earlier to our Reps?  Paul said they got the idea from another Region and it was quite late in the day when it was formalized and completed. It was put out mainly into Club Sites, CL Sites, Dealers – basically anywhere they could get it. The idea is to show people outside of Centres what Centres have to offer. That’s the key – we need to get people back into the Centres. Publicise what you do, but no one knows about it outside of these walls. Paul also said that non-Centre people did not understand the concept of Flagpole. Perhaps we need to change our terminology? We are working on these issues, but it takes time and we are slowly doing it.


 Karen Shipper said she did the booklet in mid January and asked the Centre Secretaries for help to advise her of major rallies to be advertised. She would like the information as early as possible. Last year the Region paid for the booklets, but this year sponsorship is being looked at. The more adverts in the booklet, the better the sponsorship. More copies could be printed with wider circulation.  Karen again asked all Secretaries to send her the information of their rally programme and any local events in any format which she could then work on.  These could then be advertised.       They would also be put on the Website.


 Ken Sumpter asked if the booklet would be published on the Website. Karen confirmed that it would.


14.  Date and Venue of 2018 AGM:


The Secretary announced that the weekend will be hosted by the West Kent Centre.

The 2018 AGM will be held on Saturday10th November at 2.30pm at Abbey School, Faversham.


15.  Meeting Closes:


The Chairman thanked Liz Manning for taking the minutes.

He thanked Tony Crawford for providing the P.A system.

Thank you to the Chairman, Committee and members of the West Sussex Centre for hosting the weekend and supplying the refreshments for the meeting.

He thanked anyone who helped with the running of today’s meeting and other Regional events.

He thanked everyone for their support, time and for attending the AGM.

He thanked all of the guests for giving up their time to be with us today.


Presentations were then made to Diane Lambert, Brian and Sheila Taylor, Charles Patrick and Liz Manning.

Paul then thanked his Committee and presentations were made to Karen Sinclair-Watson (for Mark), Karen and Tony Shipper and Anne Patrick.


Brian asked for permission to destroy the voting slip. This was given.


Stuart Johnson, the new Treasurer, thanked everyone for their votes. He apologised for not saying this before as he was nervous!


Fiona Runcie (West Sussex) asked Paul to remind everyone that lots of photographs had been taken over the course of the weekend and that if anyone objected to theirs being published on the Website, to please let Steve, the cameraman know.


John Page then thanked the Chair for an excellent meeting.


Paul thanked everyone and wished them all a Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year, to enjoy their caravanning wherever they went and to drive carefully.


Paul asked all Members of the Regional council to stay behind for a short meeting.


The Chairman closed the meeting at 15.45hrs.