Minutes of the 23rd Annual General Meeting of the South East Region

Of The Caravan And Motorhome Club




Tillingbourne School

Chilworth, GU4 8NB


9th November 2019





Mr. Mark Sinclair-Watson      :           Chairman

Mr. Nick Childs                      :           Vice-Chairman

Mr. Stuart Johnson                  :           Honorary Treasurer

Mrs. Karen Shipper                 :           Honorary Secretary

Mr. Rodney Lambert              :           Life Member

Dr. John Gass                          :           CAMC Vice-Chairman



Together with 79 members


1.         The Chairman called the meeting to order at 2.30pm and asked the Hon. Secretary to read the notice convening the meeting.  The meeting was also informed the meeting that Sandy Hutchings would be acting as Minutes Secretary during the meeting and also that the meeting would be recorded for accuracy in compiling the minutes.



2.         Chairman’s Welcome:


The Chairman addressed the meeting and requested in view of the Region losing so many members and close friends this year that the members stand and observe a one minutes silence in respect of them.


The Chairman welcomed and thanked everyone for their attendance especially Mr. Rodney Lambert and his wife Diane, Dr. John Gass and his wife Llinos, Executive members.  Past Regional Chairman, Centre Chairmen and Nominated member and to those attending their first Regional AGM.


He offered thanks to the West Surrey Centre Chairman and her Committee for hosting the weekend and making all the arrangements for this meeting. 


He asked for all mobile phones to be switched off during the meeting and pointed out the fire exits.


The Chairman asked if all present had a copy of the Minutes of 10th November 2018 and copy of the Balance Sheet for 2018. 


Members were asked that when they wished to speak, they should raise their hand and wait for the microphone and to assist the Minutes Secretary, begin by giving their full name. Anyone wishing to speak must reside in the South East Region and not previously spoken or voted at any other Regions AGM.


The Chairman then introduced Dr. John Gass Vice Chairman of the Caravan & Motorhome Club, Mr. Rodney Lambert Honorary life member, Mr. Nick Childs Vice-Chairman of the South East Region, Mrs. Karen Shipper Secretary of the South East Region, Treasurer Mr. Stuart Johnson and taking the minutes is Sandy Hutchings.



2.         Apologies for Absence:


Apologies for absence were received from:

Peter and Janet Fitzgerald




3.         Minutes of the AGM held on Saturday 10th November 2018


The Chairman asked if anyone had any amendments to the minutes, he then asked for a proposer for the acceptance of the Minutes: Mr. Darren Charnock and a seconder: Mr. Tony Crawford.  The minutes were then accepted by a show of hands.  Unanimously accepted.


4.         Matters arising from the Minutes




5.         Chairman’s Report (Mr. Mark Sinclair-Watson):


My first and unforeseen last year as Regional Chairman has been a busy and eventful one promoting caravanning and motorhoming in our region.  I will now talk about some of those highlights.


Regional AGM 2018.  This was held at the Abbey School in Faversham and was hosted by West Kent Centre by Gary Potton and his team.  What an excellent job they did and Gary’s entertainment on Saturday evening was worth the site fees on its own.


Question Time This year was held at the Hornby Visitors Centre, near Margate on the 13th April.  There were 116 attendees from across our area and our main speakers were Rodney Lambert, Vice-Chairman, Harvey Alexander, Head of Marketing and Graham Turner, Social Media Manager.  As usual the questions were varied including wi-fi on sites, foreign travel, insurance and Facebook.

After the main event we were treated to a look around the Visitors Centre, a private viewing outside of some real full-sized steam trains and a chance to buy Scalextric, Airfix and Hornby product at discounted prices.


The National   The National this year which was held at Ragley Hall on 24th - 28th May.  Unfortunately, I did not go this year due to a wedding, but from a Regional point of view, it was a great success.  Once again, our Regional block marshals were Ken and Ann Sumpter assisted by Brian Saunders, Val Heaps, Barry and Sue Storr.  The Regional reception was on Saturday and my thanks go to Nick, Chris, Stuart, Sue and their helpers for putting on a great reception, dressed in Union Jack colours, without 2 officers and their partners.  Paul Funnell’s success in setting up the Regional Marquee last year was built upon again this year with lots of visitors finding out about temporary events being held throughout the UK.


In June this year we were geared up to run a marquee at Detling with some support from the Club but the organisers cancelled the event.


Meet the Members this year was held at Battle on 28th – 30th June.

This year’s Meet the Members was the last one to be held so we pulled out all the stops and put on a good show.  Rodney and Diane were otherwise engaged, so we had the use of club Vice-Chairman Jan Moore and her husband Darrill to help us out.  Once again, we provided a children’s entertainer to occupy the children, cakes and Pimm’s kept the adults happy whilst we engaged with them.  There was the usual question regarding seasonal pitches, insurance and foreign travel and we even spoke to a couple who would only go to club sites if they were pitched right near a toilet block.


Train Trip

Once again, we held a successful train trip on the famous Golden Arrow, whilst sited right next to Horsted Keynes station.  We were joined by Club Chairman Grenville and his wife Liz, Rodney and his wife Diane as well as many members from Cornwall to Scotland.  A good time was had by all and thank you to my team for their help and support in making it so successful.


East Sussex 50th Birthday Rally

The weekend following the Train Trip saw the 50th Birthday rally of the East Sussex Centre, held at White House Farm.  I was fortunate to be able to go to that rally and I wish to thank Sue Smith and her committee for welcoming us and for running a great rally.


Southern Centres

Once again Southern Centres was an excellent event and was fully booked weeks before it started.  The bar always seemed busy and even had a few caravan celebrities serving at times.  There was the usual fantastic entertainment and once again we were treated to the club singers.  Thanks, must go to Darren and his fantastic team for making the event such a great success.


Festival Weekend

The weekend following Southern Centres saw the very first Festival weekend in which members were invited to come along and see what rallying is all about.  This happened up and down the country on the same weekend.  My thanks go to Steve Hornsby and Paul Funnell for offering to run the event in our Region at Gatwick Aviation Museum Valence by Ways, with the help of East Sussex Centre.  The team looked after members some of which stayed for the weekend and some just visited for the day.  East Sussex Centre gained several new members as a result of their great effort.






Slinfold Club Site  

On Saturday 7th September, Brian and Sheila Taylor and their team once again hosted a party at the volunteer run site.  Brian’s team provided food and drink for the locals and held a raffle for which the proceeds went to the local scout group.  At the Club’s AGM two weeks ago, Grenville said a big thank you to the staff at Slinfold for the fantastic work that they all do.


Unfortunately, we have had many members pass away this year from the centres within our Region, some of which have been long standing friends.  Our thought and prayers go to the families involved.



Over the past year we have held 5 regional meetings which were well attended by all Centres, and one independent member, one executive officer and two nominated members.  I have also attended Club council meetings, Division and Regional meetings, three Centre AGMs and the Caravan and Mortorhome Club AGM at York two weeks ago.

At our meeting we have shared lots of information from the club to out members and from our members back to the club.  As usual the members offers have been extremely popular and so far this year, members have saved a total of just over 1.5 million pounds.


Regional Officers

I would like to thank all my officer that have supported me over the last year.


Nick Childs, Vice-Chairman

Nick joined us one year ago and has been very enthusiastic, right from the beginning.  He has attended most meeting and has supported us in all events that we have held.  Nick was a great help at Meet the Members, The National, Question Time and our Train Trip.


Karen Shipper, Secretary

Karen has been a huge support to me and this region.  She has dealt with all the correspondence from the club as well as all the information to and from our centres.  Karen has been a great help at Meet the Members, Question Time, Train Trip and all our meetings including this AGM.  Karen along with Tony also produces our constituent centres rally book.


Stuart Johnson, Treasurer

Stuart has been keeping a good eye on our accounts this year as well as attending all meetings.  He has been a good help at Meet the Members, The National, Question Time and our Train Trip.


I would also like to say a huge thank you to our partners that support us officers.  Thanks go to Chris, Tony, Sue and especially to my Karen for your support and for being there for us.


Executive Members

Rodney Lambert, Club Vice Chairman

Rodney has been a tremendous asset to this Region, as always and he has attended all our meetings as well as Question Time.  He has always been on hand to give any information from the club and had bought a huge amount of experience to us.  Only two weeks ago did he stand down from being a Club Vice Chairman and was awarded with Honorary Lifetime Membership which has been awarded to only a small handful of members.


Jan Moore

Jan supported us at our Meet the Members at Battle this year to help answer members questions and give them information.


Centre Reps

This year we have had two reps from each Centre reporting back information to us and taking back information and ideas to their centres.


Independent Members and Nominated Members

This year we have had one independent member and two Nominated Members who have reported to us information at meetings.  The two Nominated Members also sat with me at Club Council Meetings.



Tony and Karen Shipper, have done an excellent job again this year as webmaster and they have always been very quick to update information for us, be it good or bad.


I would like to say a special thanks to all of our volunteers this year.


Rodney and Diane Lambert with Jake

Brian and Sheila Taylor

Tony Crawford for supplying the PA at various events

Ken and Ann Sumpter for being block Marshals at the National

Mel and Jen Fuller for helping at Meet the Members and the Train Trip

Caravan and Motorhome Club staff for their help and advice over the phone, by email and by their support at events.

And for everyone else that has helped over the past year that I may have forgotten.



I am standing down as Chairman after only serving one year due to having the honour to be asked to take up a position on the Executive Committee.  It has been a privilege to serve the Region as Treasurer, Vice Chairman and this last year as Chairman.  I have made lots of new friends up and down the country over the past eight years.  I wish Nick and his new committee every success in the future and I will continue to support them in my new role.



There were no questions on the Report.


The Chairman then asked for acceptance of his report – This was fully accepted by a show of hands.





6.         Treasurer’s Report (Mr. Stuart Johnson)


Good afternoon everyone.


Could we please check that everyone has a view of the two pages of the 2018 accounts?


These two pages are the only pages in the accounts that have figures on them. The rest of the document contains narrative of the independent examiner’s responsibilities and findings.


I have a copy of the full report if anyone wishes to look at this after the meeting.


These are the accounts for the Year Ended 31st December 2018 for the Caravan & Motorhome Club South East Region.


If we look at the Balance Sheet first you will see that we had £5215 in the current account at the end of the year.


We had £55 owing to us from the club for VAT.


The Prepaid Receipts figure shows as a minus £5000 because this was the grant from the club for 2019 which was paid into our account in December 2018.


This left us with a balance of £270.


If we could now turn to the Income & Expenditure account.


You can see on the first line £2500 as our grant for 2018. This figure was the same as we were awarded in 2017.


Now I would like to run down the figures as follows: -


Firstly, I would like to say that making comparisons of some of the figures with 2017 are a little muddied by the fact that we had a Bluebell Railway trip in 2017.


The events income of £1709 was from special grant funding from the club for Question Time held at Gatwick Aviation Museum in April, Meet the Members held at Daleacres Caravan & Motorhome Club Site in July and a small contribution for the number of members attending the National.


The £605 came from Rally book advertising.


The £1000 was an extra funding grant from the club because the original £2500 we were given just wasn’t enough to run the Region. We were not the only Region that requested this extra funding, lots of them had to be awarded extra monies.


Looking at the Expenditure side now you can see that we managed to keep the overall figures for the Regional Council meetings at about the same cost. £2309 for 2018 against £2277 in 2017. Just up by £23.

We did this again by having our Regional Officers meetings on the same day as the Regional Council meetings, and car sharing where possible.


The overall AGM cost figure of £1293 was down by £161 against the £1454 for 2017.


The Other meetings/Events were funded by the club from the figures I explained earlier in the events income section.


The last section now; -


Books & Stationery £603 was for printing the Region information Book.


Website £111


Gifts £173. Up on 2017 as some of this was for our previous chairman Paul Funnell’s leaving gift.


Plaques £58


Advertising £32.


Does anyone have any questions?


Could I please ask that my report be accepted?  Accepted unanimously by show of hands


The Chairman then thanked the Treasurer for his report.




7.         Election of Officers


The Chairman asked all current post holders to hand in their badge of office and leave the platform.  During which time he asked the meeting to show their appreciation for the work they have done over the past year. 


All officers left the platform except for the Chairman and Minute Secretary also Rodney Lambert and John Gass to remain on stage


            Chairman from one nomination

            Mr. Nick Childs

            Accepted by a round of applause


            Vice Chairman from one nomination

            Mrs. Karen Burch

            Accepted by a round of applause


            Secretary from one nomination

            Karen Shipper

            Accepted by a round of applause

Treasurer from one nomination

            Mr. Stuart Johnson

            Accepted by a round of applause



8.         Secretary Notices

We are obliged by the Club to nominate each year, delegates for positions with in the South East Council, the first of these is a representative to attend the Club Council. 

At the meeting of the Region Officers on 27th October 2019 Mr. Nick Childs was nominated, I therefore ask if it is your wish for Nick Childs to be our representative.

Secondly the confirmation of Independent member representation, that is, other than Centres on the South East Regional Council.

There is one nomination for these position, Mr. John Hoy, I therefore ask if it is your wish for him to act as Independent member representative.



9.         Mr. Rodney Lambert (Honorary Life Member)


Thank you Mark, Good afternoon everybody, today concluded my 12th year of attending South East Region Council meetings and AGMs, and over those 12 years I’ve had 5 different Chairman of the Region and they are all here today so well done, it’s good to see that people continue to support the region. 

Over those 12 years I think the Region’s grown because each Chairman has brought a new slant on what the Region can do and what the Region ought to do and how we ought to operate, its all gone very smoothly with no seams and no joins but its just continued a little bit better every year, I think some of the work that’s gone on recently has been a little more difficult. 

I was asked to conduct a review of Regions and Divisions 12 months back and we’ve come up with a few things which hopefully are going to smooth the way Regions operate and give it more opportunities to do things. 

I started out in 1997 as Regional Secretary for Northern Home Counties and what we were told was to solve local problems locally, and that was the total remit of the Region, that wasn’t very much to do, and I expect all of you are thinking well what was that all about, I still wonder what that really means.  We’ve come up with some ideas for the future where the Region can build on the membership and so on. 

Our club relies so much on volunteers to do things, and it doesn’t matter if you want to volunteer at Slinfold, help at the National, help at one of the sites as a volunteer warden, the club is always looking for volunteers and there has been bits in the magazine about it, so if you want to do something, put yourself forward to do something, don’t rely on someone else to do it for you, if you do that you may not be known. 

We want volunteers to keep the club, the club we’ve always known, so if you know someone like that, send them along, lets see what we can get done.

I’d just like to thank Mark and his team for the last 12 months, the train ride was wonderful and I believe there is another one in the wings for a couple of years’ time, I hope they put my name on the list.  I think my ex fellow executive John Gass might want to say something.


Dr John Gass (CAMC Vice-Chairman)


Thank you very much Rodney.  Chairman and Members it’s really a privilege for Llinos and myself to be here, we set off this morning from West Wales, absolutely beautiful and obviously we expected glorious weather in the South East, but it hasn’t turned out that way, but that’s not a reflection of the people in this room and certainly not a reflection on the South East Region, there are a large number of you and as members, from my point of view contribute an enormous amount to the club, I see that, I certainly saw it at Ragley Hall this year, and as many of you may know we now have 2 people from the South East Region who are members of the Club’s Events committee, and they’re there largely  because of the good works they can bring to that committee and the commitment and vision they show.  So as a region I think you are well represented and that’s a reflection on what you collectively do.  Its also good to see that your immediate past chairman is also a member of the executive committee, I think it speaks volumes of how the club and in particularly the chairman view the contribution you all make, so in that respect a great thank you to all of you.

The South East has a lot of commitment and Rodney has just suggested, without trying to flog the message over and over again, if anyone does think they can contribute in some way, please, please encourage them to come forward.

You have a good incoming Chairman, and Nick and Christine I remember, do you remember an event that occurred a few years ago Rodney, I think it was one of your Nationals Rodney, remember that one that was slightly to the west it was still in England, had it gone over the boarder it would undoubtedly would have been dry, but remember the one in the west, I think somebody’s land rover sank in the mud, Yes that’s the one, we met Christine and Nick in the Forest of Dean, if I remember rightly, and Nick as has already been said is a really good ambassador and I do wish him every success going forward.

The National this year many of you from this region volunteer and work extremely hard for us at the National as members of different teams, your contributions as you know are incalculable really as the event just wouldn’t occur without you, so looking forward a hearty thanks from me for all the work that I know you will do.  And we look forward to welcoming you there and notification will go out shortly for when to book in, for Marshalls that is.

I think that’s probably it from me Mr. Chairman, good luck and we look forward to seeing you there in the future.


10.       Appointment of Auditor

We would propose the continued services of Plus Accounting, Preston Park, Brighton.


Are there any objections?   No objections


            Unanimously Accepted by a show of hands



11.       Slinfold Report



The week before the site opened saw most of the volunteer wardens on site to help with cleaning the site in readiness for the opening day.  Also, during this period Lantra Training was undertaken by those who required it.  (How to mow the lawn).


Unfortunately, three long serving couples have left us this year, one couple have emigrated to South Africa, another have left due to ill health and the third have retired following ten years as volunteers.  Thanks to them all, they will be missed.  Two new couples joined us and are joining us again next year.


Site occupancy for the 2019 season has again improved on the previous year even though June was over two hundred van nights down on last year due to the weather, which affected the whole of the site network.  Hopefully, the weather will be kinder next season and we will see more members using the site.


I reported last year that the noise from the factory at the bottom of the site was giving us a problem.  Following a complaint from one of our guests about music from the factory all night, I arranged a meeting with the management who were very sympathetic and assured me it would not happen again and they were true to their work, all’s quiet on the home front.


During the winter shut down the office walls were insulated, ply lined and painted in the clubs new colours, this along with the insulation and ply lining of the garage wall to the office has improved the conditions and appearance of the office.  The fencing around the service points was replaced along with a section of fencing between us and our neighbors, which again has improved the appearance of the site.  The roadway and hard standings are still awaiting resurfacing.


The allocation of pitches has generally been accepted, with a few exceptions who we try to please by offering alternative pitches, if at all possible.  Some of the regulars have found that this system can work to their advantage by asking for their favourite pitch when they book in.  This we are happy to do but we cannot guarantee it if circumstances change before they arrive on site.


As Mark said earlier, we held our villagers party again at the end of the season which approximately 70 people attended and presented the local Scouts Group with £272.00 from the sales of books and the proceeds from the raffle.


At the villages request, we organised a coffee morning for Macmillan cancer charity but because of the poor weather only a few visited us.   However, with the donations from them and those on site we raised £65.0.  Every little helps, I hope.


It looks as if I will have to ask the Club to provide Site Support Staff next year as I have one, two-week period without wardens to cover it.  Like every organisation volunteers ae getting in very short supply and I worry for the future of the site.


Next year could be interesting as I understand that there is going to be a completely new booking in and cash accounting system and I bet that whilst the regular wardens get trained on this the first time I will see it is when I go back to site at the start of next year’s season and turn on the computer.  Happy Days.


I would like to pass on a huge thank you to the staff at HQ for their help and support they have all given to all of us a Slinfold.  There are times when they are really needed and their help is appreciated.


Rodney and Diane Lambert have again supported us throughout the year visiting the site at the start of the season and for the villager’s party.  I know that they along with us all enjoy the social evenings whilst on site.


Following Rodney’s retirement as Vice Chairman all of us wish you both all the best for the future and hope that you will continue to pay us a visit from time to time when you will be made most welcome.


Finally, my thanks again to Sheila for her help and support in my role as co-ordinator and for putting up with me decorating the office instead of the bedroom.



The Chairman then thanked Brian & Shelia for all the work they do, which is appreciated, they were then presented with gifts as a token from the Region.




12.       Any other Business


Darren Charnock :  I’d just like to thank all the Centres in the South East for their support at Southern Centres, again this year it was fantastic, many of the volunteers are in this room and without you giving up your time we couldn’t produce the rally that we produce, so thank you very much.


Question Tony Beaney :  This is a small plea on behalf of the land owners which we can’t do without, as a number of people know at Southern Centres we had some problems, I won’t mention any names, but there were some families within the East Kent Centre, which were disruptive to say the least, children that weren’t looked after and were also very disruptive, this infringes upon the landowners, Apps Court have said that these people are not welcome to go back to them.  Myself as a landowner if these people transfer to another centre, nobody can stop them from entering a rally, how do we go about, myself personally, if they go to one of the other centres in the South East how do I stop them coming onto my land.


Answer John Gass : I think the matter is something that I certainly can’t speak about here, but if it’s a matter of conduct of members, all of us members sign up to a code of behavior, its itemized in the Club’s handbook, that is the benchmark against which people’s conduct should be measured.  May I suggest if there are matters that remain outstanding that need to be addressed, there is only one channel to address that and if it’s a matter that needs to be reported to the Club, to the head of governance, that maybe something that the appropriate individuals need to consider.  I don’t think its something that I can comment on here Tony specifically it has to come back to the individuals concerned and to whether or not you or the authorities concerned feel that this has to be brought again to the attention of the Club. 


Tony Beaney : Said he was OK with this for now.  But if people have been suspended from the East Kent Centre, which one family has, and they go to another Centre, this will then infringe on the other Centre, so something should be done.


John Gass  :  Again not speaking specifically, and my understanding of this is very limited, if it is a matter that a Centre has not been undertaken or dealt with appropriately, when I say that I mean that dealt with in an objective and impartial manner as you would expect when any members conduct is being considered, it has to be looked at the circumstances, the condition and so forth and an objective decision made, that decision may not be the decision the Centre might have wished to occur, if you see what I mean, in any circumstance where somebody’s conduct is being evaluated and a decision is reached and the Centre should be saying ABC, or the Club should be saying is this person a member fit to be a member of the Club.  I think that is a matter that the responsible Centre concerned can address and I think that if there are continuing issues that the Centre has then it has to use the correct channels to raise the matter with the club.


Mark Sinclair-Watson:  Said to Tony, he has a meeting in a couple of weeks’ time and will try to keep an eye on that then.


Question Ken Wellard Chairman South London :  Is it against the GDPR for East Kent to notify the other Centres the name of those people, so they can take the appropriate action?


Answer John Gass :  Again I believe that matter probably is and that issue and question needs to be raised with the Club to get the compliance officer to give you a clear answer.


Brian Taylor :  I might have something on that, Wardens are not allowed to pass the names on of members on site who are disruptive onto other Wardens because of GDPR, so I suspect very strongly that you’re in the same case.


Ken Sumpter :  Just a compliment really, the Regions 2019 book, absolutely excellent, I ask the question is it going to be produced again in 2020?  If it is, can I just ask the Centres who do the rally books if they have got any special events – like the flower show or something – please give the information to Karen as soon as possible so we can get all the good rallies, all the interesting rallies in there.  The other thing is it possible to get that book out to people a little bit earlier or easier.  And I myself would like a batch of them to give people as they come into the National.


Karen Shipper:   There will defiantly be some at the National Ken, I’ll make sure of that.  I am dependent upon Centres giving me their rally information, the book is all set up all I’ve got to do is put in the rallies, at today date I have 3 centres rally programs, I ask at every region meeting, the earlier I can have it, the earlier I can produce the book, I have said before if I can have the rally information by November I can get them out for Christmas, its purely a case of pleading with the centres for the information..  Thank you, Ken, for bringing it up.


Mark Sinclair-Watson :  Also on that Ken once the books are done, we can always put things on the Regional website.



13.       Date & Venue of 2020 AGM


The Secretary announced that South London Centre will be our hosts next year The Date and time of the AGM is Saturday 14th November 2020 commencing at 11.00am (Please note change of time to 11am).  The Venue is the Tillingbourne School, New Road, Chilworth, GU4 8NB





14.       Meeting Close


The Chairman thanked Sandy Hutchings for taking the minutes.

A big thankyou to Charles Patrick for the PA System.

He Thanked the Chairman, Committee and members of the West Surrey Centre for hosting the weekend and supplying refreshments for the meeting.

Thank you to everyone who has helped with the running of this meeting in any way. 

Thank you all for your support and time in attending this meeting.

Thank you to all our Guests for giving up their free time to be here with us today.  Some of which have travelled a few miles 200 to be precise.  Thank you very much.


The Chairman then presented a gift to Rodney and Diane, Rodney has been a great asset for us in this region and I would like to present a small token of our appreciation. Diane was presented with flowers.


I would now like to present a few gifts myself, from my wife Karen and myself personally for the help they’ve done for us, the first goes to Tony and Karen Shipper Thank you very much for your help.  Next to Nick and Chris, and a big thank you to Stuart and Sue, also a big thank you for Mel and Jen Fuller for your help and support at various events.  Lastly to Mark’s wife Karen for all her support.



Hand over to Nick Childs


The New Chairman then thanked everyone for coming and supporting this AGM and for supporting him as Vice over the last year, its much appreciated.  He said thank you for allowing me to serve as your Chairman over the next year, it’s an honour and a privilege Thank you very much.


There are two people who have done a lot for the Centre over the past year, so I’d like to just say thank you to Karen and Mark for all you’ve done and give you a little gift Mark and Karen.

Mark has been eight years on the committee and this is appreciation for that, he’s done six years as Treasurer and one as Vice and now he’s an Executive Committee member and congratulations on that.


The committee and officers of the South East Region would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


Hope you enjoy your caravanning over the next year, and we hope to see all of you out on the field somewhere, we’ll try to rally with each Centre and introduce ourselves to those who don’t know us, it will be a pleasure to see you all again, as we have done in the past, looking at the faces out there, there’s many faces that we’ve made friends with over the years, which is what caravanning is all about.


Would all members of the Regional Council including nominated members, executive members and Rodney to come to the next regional meeting, in about 10 mins time.


Meeting closed at 15.32pm