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Bush, Blackbird & Thrush Rally - West Kent

We have just got back from Bush,Blackbird & Thrush rally with West Kent.

Thank you so much to Barbara, Frank, Chris & Shirley for such a wonderful weekend. We had a great time on Saturday with a Welsh afternoon tea - Barra Brith cake and lots of Welsh cakes. (Thanks to Barbara for baking it all).

There were quizzes going on and we had good weather during the day so we could sit out and catch up with friends.

A large group of us had Sunday lunch in the pub, which was lovely, except Barbara missed out on the sticky toffee pudding - sold out!!! Be quicker to order next time Barbara!!

Although it was a great weekend, it was also very sad. This was the last West Kent Rally.

After all those years with countless chairmen and committee members, West Kent is going into hibernation. We would like to thank them all for the hard work that goes into running a centre.

We hope to see you out and about somewhere in the future.

Thanks once again.

Stuart and Sue Johnson.

Regional Treasurer.


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