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Region Information

The South East Region Committee with their partners, family and second from left Mark Sinclair-Watson - Club Vice-Chairman

At a meeting of the Caravan and Motorhome Club Council in 1995, it was decided that there would be a restructure of the Council by dividing the UK and Ireland into 10 Divisions and Regions, each with their own council. 


These are:

  • Irish Division

  • Scottish Division

  • Welsh Division

  • Northern Region

  • Central Region

  • South East Region

  • West Central Region

  • South West Region

  • Anglia Region

  • Home Counties Region

For contact details of other Regions and Divisions Click Here.


The Regional Council is made up of extremely knowledgeable members. Usually matters or questions raised can be resolved at a regional level. It is sometimes necessary to seek advice from the Executive Committee or the staff at East Grinstead. This means that every member of the Club can use a Regional Council to access all levels of the Club management structure.

Click here to find out more about the current South East Region Officers and Council.


In accordance with the Constitution, the aims of the South East Region Council are:

  • To represent general matters of Club or Centre interest to the Club Council.

  • To provide a means whereby the Caravan Club interests of those members living in the area may be fostered.

  • To provide a forum to discuss and solve local problems at Regional level.


Regional Councils meet regularly to discuss and where necessary, resolve matters of interest to regional members. These meetings are usually held bi-monthly and enable items to be raised by the Regional Delegates, usually from Centre members. 

Click here to find out more about the South East Region Centres.


Each Division and Region also holds an Annual General Meeting (AGM) and any Club member living within the area of their Division or Region may attend. Regional Officers are elected, accounts are approved, and reports heard on Council activities. The venue for the AGM changes each year and rotates around the region, with caravan parking arranged close to the venue for members to stay if they wish.


Another way for members to exchange views and ask questions, is at one of the Club’s Question Time events. There is a top-table panel with representatives from the Executive Committee, senior Club staff, Regional Council members and one or two representatives of associated caravanning bodies, such as a caravan dealership or manufacturer. Keep an eye on the events and news listed on this website for more information.


All club members have the opportunity to become an elected member of their local Division or Region. If you’d like to learn more about the councils, connect with us using one of the methods listed on our Contact page of this website.

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