What has the Council Achieved

Since it began, the Council has met regularly to discuss and where necessary, resolve matters of interest to regional members.  These meetings are held bi-monthly.  This enables items to be raised by the Regional Delegate at the Club Council meeting.  Other Regional Council meetings are held as required.

Each year an AGM is held on the second Saturday in November to elect the Officers, approve the accounts and to receive reports on the Council’s activities.  The AGM is open to all members of the Club (as described previously). The call notice usually appears in the July issue of the magazine and will be published on this web site.  All members are welcome and caravan parking is arranged near the meeting room.  The venue changes each year and rotates around the Region.

Other events that have been held include an Open Forum, Members Question Time and Meet the member’s events and on Club sites.  All Regional Council events are advertised in the Club Magazine.

All members within the Region can attend any event organised by the Regional Council.