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Officers & Council

The South East Region Council consists of the following:

  • Four elected Officers - Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer - Elected each year at the Annual General Meeting of the Region. 

  • Two delegates appointed by the Committee of each Centre within the Region. 

  • Up to three co-opted Independent Members - Current Club members not registered with any Centre and approved by the Club’s Executive Committee.

  • Nominated Members from Club Council who are invited to attend region meetings, but cannot vote. 

  • Representatives from Club Council Executive Committee. 

Region Officers

Sue Smith

1 - Chairman - Sue Smith & Graham.jpg

Pictured with her husband Graham

Claire Notley

3 - Secretary - Claire Notley & Danny.jpg

Pictured with her husband Danny

Chris Page

2 - Vice-Chairman - Chris Page & Lisa & Family.jpg

Pictured with his wife Lisa & Family

Anne Marett

4 - Treasurer - Anne Marett & Derek.JPG

Pictured with her husband Derek

Centre Delegates

East Kent - Paul Burgin and Andy McDonald

East Sussex - Maisie Bennett and Michelle Weston

West Sussex - Nick Childs and Steve Charnley

West Surrey - Alf Harvey and Dave Clayton

South London - Graham Milborrow and Nigel Moss

Independent Members

John Hoy - Click Here for John's page

Alan Cook - Click Here for Alan's page

Nominated Members from Club Council

Charles Patrick

Paul Funnell

Karen Shipper

Club Council Executive Committee

Mark Sinclair-Watson - Club Vice-Chairman

Phil Aldridge 

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