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First Report - Travelling Abroad

In the early days we joined up with a group of families using farm fields with only a water tap available. This was great fun for all the family. Collecting wood for a fire to cook half a lamb during the afternoon for the evening meal, games for the children in the afternoon and evening entertainment put on by the children.

Because of the British weather we spent most of the family summer holidays in Europe, in particular, the South of France and the Catalonia region of Spain. We arranged these holidays through the Club, once we had decided the places we wanted to visit and our preferred routes. On several occasions we travelled 2000/3000 miles across Europe through France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy and back. In each case we travelled as a family taking different routes each time.

The Club has always been very helpful in checking routes and suggesting sites. In all cases the summer holidays took three weeks plus the weekends. When we travelled direct to the South of France and Spain we took a direct route, taking two and a half days to get down there, about 20 hours driving.

In addition to the family holidays, in more recent years we have enjoyed worldwide and European Solo and Escorted Motorhome and Caravanning holidays, which have included the following:

  1. Solo fly drive holidays to New England, American West Coast and West Coast of Canada and Alaska.

  2. Escorted Motorhome tours of New Zealand North/South Island 30 days 2200 miles and American Western Adventure, 37 days 3300 miles.

  3. Escorted tour of the Dutch Bulb Fields and More.

  4. Caravan and Motorhome Club National rallies at Weston Park and Sandringham.

We are currently planning a tour by ourselves to Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and maybe Newfoundland. This will be next year and we need to decide whether to go by motorhome or car.

For those of you who would like to caravan or motorhome abroad but are apprehensive about doing so, can I suggest you consider the Club's first time abroad tours to guide you through your first overseas trip, with experiences hosts, an exclusive driving course before you go and a free continental motoring pack to help you on your way.



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