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Summer Travels In 2020

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

July - Henley Four Oaks, Henley- on-Thames

Our first outing this year following Club sites opening on the 4th July.

The site was full, so Covid 19 measures were having an impact. Generally, the site was well set up and safe for staff and club members. Reception was being used and the facilities were open, although restricted in the number of people entering using a wrist band system.

The information room was stripped of information so you need to research before arriving. The voucher scheme worked well so money saved.

An interesting addition to the site was seeing the Red kites flying over and landing on the site.

August - Black Knowl, Brockenhurst, The New Forest

Once again site was well managed considering the challenge of Covid 19.

Vouchers were readily accepted and staff found time for a chat during their busy day.

This time the information room did have some literature/info fixed to the walls, so no need to handle; good idea!

The site refurbishment is a major improvement, particularly the facilities building, where the “wrist band system” was in use, which restricted the number of people inside at any one time.

August - Bridport Bingham Grange, Bridport, Southern England

New site acquired by the Club has been improved enough initially, to suit most Club members. This site has huge potential given the number of outbuildings on a large site, with access to Bridport across the fields.

However, the bar and restaurant were closed due to Covid 19, which was a disappointment. Ideally the bar and restaurant should be open, if possible, for members to use and should be included in plans going forward.

Also, the site needs to be developed to bring up to the standards of other club sites. This should include pitch spacing, roads, and a new facility building.

The Club should also take the opportunity to include an indoor games/ meeting room, together with an outdoor games/sports area.



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